Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Direction..

Ok, I should probably apologise for not writing any posts in... a little while, ok, a long while (since the 9th of February to be exact,whoops). I was going along nicely with this little blog of mine, posting 1-2 times daily, really enjoying it, but then my daily-posting routine was disrupted, I went on a school trip for the weekend and that was the end of my daily blogging. But you know, I kinda miss it, I know I've got teeny tiny amount of followers but the thing is, I like blogging. So I've decided to start it up again, give myself something to do instead of endlessly refreshing the Blogger homepage, waiting for something (anything) to happen.

I think I'm going to go in a new direction with it though, make it more personal, when I first started this blog my main blogging ideas were to show great outfits, the best dressed from parties and pretty much anything fashion-related on Stardoll, but all of those thing have already been done. I want to do something new, unique to me, so I'll stop my ramblings and tell you what I'm going to be posting about.
I don't know about you, but one of my favourite things to do on Stardoll is dress my doll, I'm very interested in the styling side of fashion and who knows maybe it could be a possible career direction for me. The golden rule of blogging is to blog about what you're passionate about so that you don't lose interest, so on a daily basis (hopefully) I'll be showing you my outfits and what inspired me to create them, enough talking from me,
let's get on with the first post.
So, my outfit today 1920's flapper-inspired style, today this style might be considered very glamorous and sophisticated but it was the exact opposite in the 1920's, flappers were looked down on for wearing 'short' skirts, having bobbed hairstyles, wearing excessive makeup and generally going against societies ideas for what women should be - 'quiet little girls who did what there husbands told them to do and knew their place', thankfully times have (mostly) changed but that doesn't mean we can't take a little inspiration from the past.
The Voile Fringe Dress was the starting point for this outfit and I added extra pieces as I went along. I did change my medoll quite dramatically for this outfit, with a change of hairstyle and hair colour, I love the 1920's makeup which pretty much goes against the makeup rule that you should choose either your eyes or your lips to be dramatic and keep the other neutral. Beads and the signature feather in the hair finish off the look.

My 1920's medoll. ^^

                                                      So that's my first post with my new blogging style, sorry if it was a bit long, I might have got a bit carried away, you probably didn't read it all anyway ;P, well done if you did!
So I'm thinking of doing a decades theme with my next five or six outfits so watch out for 1930's style in my next post!
That's all for now,
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