Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New theme: Frost Fashion

The latest themed clothing to be released is 'Frost Fashion'(Such an imaginative name ;p), featuring lots of pastels and neutrals. One or two of the items have already been released in Starplaza and the rest will probably be added over the next few days. Judging from the pictures below I think I might actually like this theme, it's very soft and romantic, I'm slightly confused by the silver hair on the doll though, I know it was a bit of a trend a few months ago but, seriously?

My favourite piece would have to be the pastel green-ish dress with all those soft frills down the side, if it fits right on my doll I'll probably be buying it.
My least favourite piece would have the brown wedges, they are really reminding me of those sandals old men wear with socks, plus the colour of them is just like.. never mind.

What are your favourite and least favourite pieces?
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