Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Pass 2011

Valentine's Day is just days away and to celebrate/make money Stardoll have released their latest Gift-o-meter, if you log on you'll notice a small red heart underneath your stardollars, click on this and you'll find yourself on the Valentine's Gift-o-meter page. At first, I thought the dresses below would be some of our prizes and I was actually a bit impressed but you'll quickly find that this is not the case:

As you fill up the gift-o-meter you are rewarded with items of clothing, there is no big prize at the end as there had been in previous gift-o-meters and you don't have to spend as many stardollars to fill the bar.

To be honest, I don't particularly like any of these, I had admired the beige and orange heels from spoilers and they're probably the only one of the items I actually would have bought myself.
Overall, I'd say don't waste your stardollars trying to reach all the something unless you really want it, StarBazaar will be flooded with these for the next month anyway.

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